Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Allergy Relief with Acupressure Points

For those of you who are sick of taking antihistamines and allergy medications and are open to try alternative healing, I encourage you to try pressing these acupressure points on regular basis for better effects. I'm going to try doing that myself too!

Acupressure works just like acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but without the needles. It has the added convenience of being able to administer it on your own at anytime, anywhere. These 2 points that are being demonstrated in this video by Dr Michael Reed Gach (Ph.D. in Health Sciences) are also some of the acupuncture points that my TCM physician administer on me. For more details about these 2 acupressure points, read here .

Edit: I've asked Dr Michael Reed Gach if these pressure points work for other allergies like food allergy or eczema and he said yes! So do give it a try and see if it helps in alleviating your allergy condition.

Update: Read new post here on Acupressure points and allergic rhinitis by registered acupuncturist Ka Hang Leoungk

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