Monday, 1 April 2013

Are You Fussy About Your Tissues?

Allergic rhinitis and sinus sufferers out there use plenty of tissues. I wonder if they are as fussy about the tissues they use as I am. I use alot of then whenever I get a trigger and so I'm quite particular about the tisuse quality as it is constantly rubbing my nose. I look for 3 qualities in my tissues:

1) Hypoallergenic - means having reduced likelihood of causing an allergic response. The one am using is 100% virgin pulp. I hate those tissues that disintegrate into bits very quickly when wet and feels grainy and your poor nose gets even more irritated. You risk getting small bits of tissues stuck on your nose, without you knowing. Unsightly.

2) 3-Ply - because I have so much mucus whenever my allergic rhinitis or sinus acts up, the tissues gotta be thick and absorbent. I find that 2-Ply tissue gets soaking wet in just a single blow or two. The packet tissues that I use are 2-Ply ones, but the price is economical and quality is good. So I use 2 sheets each time, meaning it becomes 4-ply, lol!

3) Soft - with the constant rubbing of my nose, no way will I use something that is otherwise, unless I run out of my own tissues and I'm really deseparate.

I have a box of tissue in each room and I always bring along with me at least 2-3 packets of tissues when I'm out. Even if its for a short 10mins drive out to send my boy to school. Dustmites are everywhere, and I never know when my allergy will get triggered. The last thing I want is to have a sneezy dripping nose and hunting high and low for a sheet of tissue in the public.


  1. I have to be really careful with tissues too. Most of the things like colors and lotions and such added in I react to. I usually will use 2 tissues at a time myself! Like you I keep a box in each room and i carry some with me all the time.

  2. Yeah, I usually like to keep things simple & natural - no fragance , colour etc added where possible as these are chemicals and not sure if I will react to it, me being an allergic person and more sensitive.

    Abt the tissues, I use so many and often that I joke with my hubby that I wish he is a manufacturer of tissues, then i won't have to spend a cent on them, lol!