Thursday, 18 April 2013

Classifying my Allergic Rhinitis Severity

Over the years of suffering from allergic rhinitis, I've come to have my own form of classifying the severity of my attacks.

The usual sneezing fits, runny nose, blocked nose. I think at this stage, the eye is usually not itchy. After sometime, maybe less than 2 hours or so, it will stop, via:
1) Simply recovered on its own; Phew, lucky me!
2) Or after drinking some hot soup/ meal;  It is known that steam helps to shrink the swollen mucous membrane and promotes drainage.
3) Or after some form of exercise. Exercise triggers the release of adrenaline, which narrows swollen blood vessels in the nose, acting as a natural decongestant.

The usual sneezing fits, runny nose, blocked nose + watery and itchy eyes likely to kick in. Its still bad after 2 hours and its not getting better with the things I do for the mild attack. I can feel the mucous membrane is very swollen and irritated. The more I blow my nose, the worse it gets. I'm starting to feel  exhausted from the sneezing and its affecting the things I want to get done for the day. If I'm at home and can afford the time, I will lie down on the bed to get some rest. After about an hour or so, it gets alot better and I can get round doing things without the sneezing fits, though there will still be some occasional blowing of the nose to clear residual mucus.

Big time attack that sees no respite with whatever I do. The sneezy fits, runny nose, blocked nose, itchy and watery eyes are still there after the bed rest. Totally exhausted and feeling crappy. Don't talk to me - because you either can't hear me talk clearly with the stuffy nose & all or am just not in the mood to talk. Give me the antihistamine please!

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