Saturday, 13 April 2013

Yawning and Rhinitis

I had a bad rhinitis episode the day before that lasted from early afternoon to at night. I'm pretty sure its not triggered by allergens, but rather by excessive yawning. It has happened on many occasions before whereby I started yawning quite a fair bit, then followed by teary eyes and abit of mucus - all these symptoms are quite normal for a person yawning. But then it will escalate into runny nose and I start blowing my nose and it gets stuffy and blocked and then the sneezing fits start. It feels as if its my allergic rhinitis attack, only without the itchy eyes.

I was contemplating if I should reach out for my antihistamine medication but decided not to even though I was feeling quite aweful. I must say that after all these years, I have developed quite a high threshold for my allergic rhinitis misery and being into natural stuff and all, I try my best to avoid taking antihistamine medication unless absolutely necessary. After dinner, it was still bad. I was seriously thinking I should take my medication, but thought since its already night time, perhaps I should just turn in earlier and I should feel ok after a night's sleep.

Thankfully, I woke up feeling alot better! But I never understood why my yawning would sometimes trigger symptoms similar to allergic rhinitis. Has anyone had similar experience or can shed some light on why this is happening? I tried googling, but found nothing that correlates yawning with rhinitis.

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