Friday, 17 May 2013

15 Things Allergists Won’t Tell You

Summary of headlines from the Reader's Digest post, with my own comments in italics.

1) Is every year really “the worst one yet” for allergies? Possibly.
What do we expect from global warming and lots of pollution everywhere everyday? This is the consequence mankind has to bear. I'm not sure what kind of environment our next generation will have to live it.

2) Don’t assume you know what you’re allergic to.
 Its good to get a skin prick test (like me) or blood test to determine your allergens so that you don't keep guessing and wasting your time.

3) Those OTC decongestants are a waste of money.
This headline statement is misleading in my opinion. Just be sure that the OTC decongestant contain pseudoephedrine and it should be quite effective, at least for me. Read my antihistamine medication post.

4) Antihistamines don’t work as well as you think.
 Again dont quite agree on this myself, unless its a really bad severe bout of sinus infection for me, then yeah, steriod nasal spray is more effective.

5) Make sure your medication treats your symptoms.
Totally agree. Read the drug labels carefully.

6) Allergy shots help a lot, but they’re not right for everyone.
Not done allergy shot myself, so can't comment.

7) You’re starting treatment too late.

8) You don't want to hear this from me, but you’re getting too fat.
Diet and weight is always a factor in any health issue. I would like to think that my sensible diet is a contributing factor for keeping my allergic rhinitis under fairly good control.

9) If you tell me that you’re allergic to your pet, then I know you’re really suffering.

10) If you’re allergic to dust mites, use those bedding covers.
Yes yes yes! Please do get a good one. This is definitely one of the biggest turn around factor in my improving allergy condition. You can get from the Allergy Store

11) Neti pots are weird, but they work.
To be honest, I've not tried this yet though I heard many rave reviews from allergy sufferers on this product. Actually I'm a bit scared to pour something into my nose. But its a natural treatment that I will keep in mind if the need ever arise.

12) Your adult-onset allergies may have been around longer than you think.
Not for me. I started having allergic rhinitis only when I was 14. I'm not sure if its been in my genes though and not flared up until then.

13) There’s no such thing as a real hypoallergenic dog.
Hmm, I don't know well enough about this to comment but I gravitate towards agreeing with the writer on this.

14) There’s no need to suffer through allergy season.
Take pro-active actions!

15) Don’t move across the country just because you have allergies.
Well I've heard this from my own doctor as well. I've told him how I was "allergic-free" during my half year stay at eastern part of USA, he told me if I had stayed longer, I might have develop allergies to other allergens.

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