Monday, 27 May 2013

Anti Dust Mite Bedding Covers - A Must for those with Dust Mite Allergy

"The first and most important step to reduce dust mites is to cover mattresses and pillows in zippered dust-proof covers. These covers are made of a material with pores too small to let dust mites and their waste product through and are called allergen-impermeable. " - Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Unfortunately for me, this was kind of the last step I took after years of suffering from allergic rhinitis. I was given an allergy guide in the hospital after I had a skin prick test to confirm my dust mite allergy and there I learnt about anti dust mites bedding covers. Wow, why didn't I get to know about this product earlier? For the next few months, I shopped around locally and found that there were only 2 retail stores in Singapore selling such products and are all very pricey compared to purchasing it online and shipping it from overseas.
I ordered them online and started using the anti dust mite bedding covers early this year and have not looked back since. I was sleeping MUCH better at night, without having to wake up sneezing and having congested nose in the middle of the night. The mornings are also better, though I still have some sneezing and abit of runny nose in some of the mornings, but they are a lot more in control definitely. The money is certainly well spent as it has improved my allergic rhinitis condition tremendously. My only regret is not getting it earlier and having to suffer so much for so long. 
For those who are allergic to dust mite, I highly recommend that you get yourself a good anti dust mite bedding set. Allergy Store is now having Memorial Day Sale with 13% discount on their items (note certain exclusions in their website). Sale ends 31 May 2013. What I like about Allergy Store is that it offers international shipping & accept international credit card as payment. Also for some of their anti dust mite bedding cover series, they offer LIFETIME warranty. For those suffering hay fever this spring, Allergy Store also has a wide range of products such as air purifiers, masks, vacuum cleaners etc that can help provide some relief.

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