Thursday, 30 May 2013

Is it a Cold or Allergy?

Having suffered from allergic rhinitis for years, I have learnt to differentiate between a cold vs allergy on my own without visiting the doctor. That said, I'm not encouraging you to do the same as health condition of everyone differs. This table is just a guideline that I've come up with based on my own experience. I want to point out that it is possible to get BOTH the allergy and cold at the same time, which is a double whammy, so these symptoms can overlap. How is this possible? For example, if you are down with cold and resting more at home but at the same time you are allergic to dust mites which is commonly found indoors on mattresses etc, then you may come down with the cold symptoms as well as experiencing itchiness. You can read more about cold vs allergy in here.


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