Monday, 20 May 2013

Spouse's Support of Allergic Rhinitis Sufferer is Important

I came up with a short FAQ for my hubby to do on being a spouse of allergic rhinitis sufferer. To be honest, I have never asked him how he felt about being one or if he felt inconvenience by my condition at all. So this was quite an eye opener for me to his inner thoughts.

Q1) How bad is her allergy?
Her allergy can get really bad. She can achoo non-stop for almost 5 mins. And she can use up more than half a box of tissues in a day.
Q2) Do you feel embarrassed that your wife keeps sneezing and blowing her nose in the public when her allergic rhinitis acts up?
Am I embarrassed? Hmm... Not at all. Maybe I am so used to it after more than 15 years together.
Q3) Does it affect your sleep when she keeps sneezing & blowing her nose in the middle of the night?
I am a deep sleeper. So usually I am not awaken by her. It's more like I am disturbing her sleep as my snoring is thunderous.
Q4) How does it affect you during the day time when her allergic rhinitis acts up? And how do you cope with it?
When it acts up during the day, it's probably just another day. I just need to make sure we have enough tissues for her when we go out.
Q5) Imagine if you are armed with super power and can make ONE of her allergic rhinitis symptom disappear for good, what would that be & why? Sneezing / congestion/ itchy & watery eyes / fatigue / moody.
If I have super powers, I will make the sneezing goes away. Because sneezing is the start of everything else. Her mood gets bad with bad sneezing. That's when I need to find somewhere to hide. :-D

Q6) What advice would you give to partners of allergic rhinitis sufferers?
Be supportive and understanding at all times. Always be careful not to stir up dust that may trigger the reaction. If you are a smoker, don't smoke at home and quit it. Most importantly, ensure you always have tissues on hand in case she starts sneezing and needs it.

Well, I just want to say a BIG thank you to my ever supportive and lovely hubby for always being there for me and being very patient with me when the terrible allergic rhinitis flares up. Love you lots!


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