Thursday, 27 June 2013

Cheap Ways to Manage your Allergic Rhinitis?

Today, I came across this interesting article 8 Frugal Ways to Manage Your Allergies . Am not sure if the writer has any experience with allergies or tried these methods, but here' s my take on her suggestions:

1) Smooch a loved one... as kissing apparently eases stress-induced inflammation
Can't help but laugh at this! I'm not sure if it refers to kissing more to reduce allergies or kissing more while having allergies to get better, but either way, I've not tried. And I'm pretty sure allergy sufferers won't want t kiss while their nose is all dripping and stuffy. Seriously. They are more likely to suffocate when they kiss as their only channel of breathing - through the mouth, while the nose is blocked is not available.

2) Eating more garlic and onions, which are high in Quercetin - an antioxidant thought to prevent the cells from releasing histamine.
Yes this is true, but you will need to eat a REALLY huge amount of garlic and onions daily to see the effects. Hence the supplement Quercetin. Many allergic rhinitis sufferers have found it effective and I've tried it myself too, read here.

3) Saline Rinse
Have not really tried it myself, but I've read many positive feedback from those who have tried it.

4) Hot showers
Yeah, this helps to unblock your nose. But effects may not be lasting

5) Eucalyptus oil’s invigorating aroma can help open nasal passages
Eucalyptus is known to alleviate allergic conditions and ease nasal congestion. But 100% pure eucalyptus oil is not exactly cheap though.

 6) Steaming ...inhaling it sooth irritated sinuses and helps get rid of mucus
This works like taking hot shower. Sometimes drinking a steaming hot cup of beverage or soup helps too. Works for me sometimes, depending on severity of my allergic attack.

7) Eating Wasabi to clear your sinuses and tear ducts
I'm not sure if you want to try this, lol! I've tried eating Wasabi when I'm having blocked nose and it triggered a few sneezes from me. Helps to clear the mucus temporarily, but effects not lasting.

8) Relax a bit more
 Getting a massage helps improve blood circulation and benefits the general health. Having less stress is definitely better for the immune system and thus helps allergies. Meditation and yoga are great relaxation options.

Another suggestion that I want to add on is doing Acupressure. Read here to learn how you can do it on your own.

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