Thursday, 4 July 2013

Diet for Allergic Rhinitis

If you are suffering form allergic rhinitis or hay fever, other than avoiding the allergens (dust mite, pollen, moulds, pet dander etc), I would recommend adjusting your diet as well to reduce severity or frequency of attack.

I try to adhere to this diet as much as possible, as they are well documented to help in allergic rhinitis. These food generally concur with what my traditional chinese medicine (TCM) doctors recommend as well. From a TCM perspective, dairy food, egg white, cold drinks, prawns and crabs are said to generate phlegm and people with sensitive airways are advised to avoid them. I never have a sweet tooth and I only eat cakes for celebratory reason and occasionally indulge in ice-cream. For health reason and keeping weight in check, I've always looked to avoid food with trans fat and processed food. Additives is something that I need to keep a close lookout for as its not something I previously pay a lot of attention to.

I am not sure if it is coincidence, but I noticed that the list of food to avoid are pretty similar to those with food allergies as well. It is possible that you have underlying food allergies or food intolerance that trigger your allergic rhinitis symptoms or you suffer from both.

It is a good thing that I personally love my greens and fruits and food that are high in Omega-3 fats. I have also talked about the goodness of Quercetin for allergic rhinitis. We live in a society that is still generally bombarded with lots of unhealthy food high in trans fat and processed food. Admittedly, its difficult to eliminate them totally from our diet when our choices are limited, but I'm glad that we're seeing a trend of more organic food coming into the market at more affordable prices.

Eat your greens and up your intake of food high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Minimise those items in the Avoid list. Try it for sometime and I think you will see some positive effect on your allergy problem.

If you are interested to find out more about diet and allergic rhinitis, here's some resource:

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