Friday, 12 July 2013

Has Allergic Rhinitis Ruined your Day?

Allergic rhinitis has ruined my mood and days on many occasions, far more than I can remember. On those days when the allergy symptoms are severe, I just can't wait for the day to pass and get over it. Off my head, I can recall 2 major episodes ....

I was on a short 3D2N getaway holiday trip with my spouse to Bali without the little one. My nose started acting up on the flight as I started yawning. Read here about how yawning can trigger my allergy. I noticed that whenever I'm in an enclosed vehicle, I have a tendency to yawn. Perhaps due to lack of oxygen or fresh air. Anyway back to my story. I was sneezing away and having a runny and block nose which resulted in insomnia at night after I took my anti-histamine medication, Zyrtec-D. I was not aware then of the insomnia side effect. Lack of sleep all night made me tired the next day and I didn't enjoy much to be honest. And then the next day we flew back home. What a wasted trip because of my allergy!

This happened during my university days. I, together with a few other students, was selected to take part in a hostel campaign which required some video shoots indoor and outdoor. My allergy got triggered somehow and before long, I was sneezing away with teary eyes. I was trying very hard to contain my sneeze and look my best, but trust me, it was really really tough. I was constantly holding a tissue in hand and all the sneezing was causing me a headache. I ended up trying to avoid the video camera as much as I can. What was supposed to be a day of fun with fellow hostel mates turned out to be a dreaded day. I was young then and didn't know how to manage my allergy - I didn't bring along with me my anti-histamine medication. Now, its always in my bag.

What about you? Has allergic rhinitis ruined your day and how? Do share your experience here in the comments section.

To be honest, I wished I knew more about allergic rhinitis when I was younger and be more informed of the choices I have with regards to managing it. Well, better late then never. I hope you can use these allergy tips to help yourself get some relief as well. Breathe better, live better.

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