Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Managing Dust Mites - List To-Do

I have an earlier post about Managing Dust Mites - List of Don'ts & No-No. This is the follow up post on what we should do to minimize dust mites at home.

Dust mite allergies

1)Anti Dust Mite bedding covers
This is top of my list and I talked about it here. If you can only choose to have 1 item to manage the dust mites, this is THE one you have to get. Having anti dust mite bedding covers contributed to a great leap of improvement in my allergy condition and I have never looked back.

2) Wash beddings in hot water (130-140F) once a week to kill dust mites

3) Good HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
Get a good one that does not spew the dust particles back into the air when cleaning. Good quality HEPA vacuum cleaners  ensure that dust particles do not escape through poorly sealed canisters, filters and hose connections. Miele and Nilfisk are well known brands for allergy sufferers.

4) Keep items enclosed in cupboard and containers to minimize dust and for ease of cleaning

5) Wear a good dust mask when cleaning to block out the allergen.

6) HEPA Air purifier
A good HEPA air purifier helps to filter out micro allergens and allows you to breathe in cleaner air. I've heard good reviews about Austin air cleaners and you may wish to check it out.

7) Dehumidifier
Dust mites thrive in damp environment. Having a dehumidifiers help to remove excess moisture, thus containing growth of dust mites.

Keeping the house clean and minimizing the dust mites sounds like an expensive process. If you ask me, this is what I feel:
Anti dust mite bedding covers--SUPER MUST have;
HEPA vacuum cleaner-- MUST have;
HEPA air purifier--GOOD to have;
Dehumidifier--NICE to have.

I personally only use the anti dust mite bedding covers and a good HEPA vacuum cleaner, though I have thought about getting a HEPA air purifier when the haze was raging in Singapore last month.

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