Monday, 7 October 2013

Can Having Allergies Make Us Fat?

I saw this very interesting article Curb Allergies, Lose Weight and would like to share a few pointers from it and my thoughts as well.

Other than the allergy blues of sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, those who suffer from allergies are often deprived of quality sleep due to their allergy symptoms. So how does lack of sleep leads to weight gain?

Clarity Allergy Center's Dr. Brian Rotskoff explained: "Lack of sleep, whether caused by allergies or sleep apnea, leads to poor diet decision-making throughout the day."

He added: "Whether excess eating comes from impaired decision making or simply the desire to comfort ourselves during allergy attacks, associated weight gain is real for many patients."

Being an allergy sufferer myself, I can understand where Dr Rotskoff is coming from. When one is not able to get to sleep due to allergies late into the night, it is natural to be hungry as your body system is still working in full force and not resting. You will get hungry, that's for sure. For myself, I need to eat as feeling hungry just adds another factor into my inability to sleep. But I will only take a few mouthful of bread + water, just enough to keep my stomach from growling. Nothing too heavy or sugary. I think this discipline has helped me from becoming fat despite the lack of sleep due to my allergy! What about you? Do you need comfort food during allergy attacks?

In addition, a 2010 Yale University observational study found that routine antihistamine use could increase the odds of being overweight by as much as 55%. Some researchers speculate that the release of histamines during an allergic reaction could trigger increases in appetite and lead to more frequent or over-eating.

Ah ha, now I know why I do experience feeling hungry more easily when I take some OTC antihistamine! Do you feel the same?

So based on my personal experience, having allergies do increase the need to eat (due to lack of sleep and sometimes antihistamine), BUT if you make the right diet decision and stick to self discipline, then it is unlikely to make you fat :)

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