Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kinesiology Tape To Provide Hay Fever Relief?

A few days back, my other half bought Kinesiology Acti-Tape for sports use. These Kinesiology Tape are used to relieve pain and support injured muscles whilst enabling movement. They were very popular amongst the athletes during 2012 Olympic games. I was very surprised when my other half showed me this video link printed in the product brochure. It demonstrates how you can use the tape to provide Hay Fever relief!? Quite unbelievable, isn't it? I can't really link up how this tape works with Hay Fever, until I dig deeper.

What is Kinesiology?
It is a holistic way of detecting and correcting imbalances in your body’s energy. According to The Australian Women's Weekly, Kinesiologists believe each muscle group is related to other body parts, such as digestive organs and nerves. Thus these imbalances may relate to allergies, stress, injury, anxiety or some other causes.

How does Kinesiology Tape provide Hay Fever relief?
This is how I think it works: By placing a tape at areas of imbalances for Hay Fever (as shown in video above), it helps to enhance blood flow to the muscles concerned and clear energy blockages. As these energy blockages are the root cause of your Hay Fever allergy, once they are cleared, your allergy will also improve. This, in my opinion, works very much like Acupuncture, where needles are used to help unblock your meridian points and let Qi flows better.

Would love to hear if anyone has tried this method before for Hay Fever relief? Quite an unconventional way I must say. But if it works, then its much better option than popping antihistamine pills isn't it?

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