Monday, 6 January 2014

6 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites

Following up on what NOT to do for managing dust mites, here's some tips on what you CAN to do to minimize dust mites growth:

#1: Use an anti dust mite encasement for all your bedding, including pillows, mattress etc.

I cannot emphasize more the importance of this. Our mattress and bedding houses the biggest breeding ground for dust mite due to our body moisture and our dead skin which serves as food for them. So the anti dust mite bedding covers are effective means to block them out from you when you sleep. Using the anti dust mite encasement helped improve my allergic rhinitis condition tremendously, this is my experience.

You will be totally grossed out by the amount of dust mite living on your mattress if you have a look at it under the microscope. Check out this video.

#2: Use synthetic pillows and duvets instead of wool or feathered bedding.

#3: Wash your bedding and blankets weekly in hot water. Doing so with temperature of at least 130-140°F can kill the dust mites.

#4: Use a dehumidifier to keep relative humidity level below 50%. Remember: dust mite thrive in humid environment.

#5: Use a true HEPA vacuum cleaner to clean the house. Only those with true HEPA filter can help to remove particles that is the size of dust mite feces. Here's a guide on how to choose one.

#6: Use a damp cloth to wipe the dust. Dusting will stir up the allergen.

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