Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Do Patients with Perennial Allergic Rhinitis Need to do Acupuncture All Year Round?

Following my earlier allergic rhinitis & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) series with Ka Hang Leoungk, I had some queries which she kindly explained. I thought it would be interesting to share with all here.

Question:You mentioned that for hay fever patients, it is best to start treatment 8 weeks - 3 months in advance of the season. What about those with perennial allergic rhinitis like myself - allergic to dust mite or those to pets? Does it mean that they have to do it weekly all year round?

Ka Hang LeoungkWith perennial allergic rhinitis frequent, weekly or bi-weekly treatment may be needed in the beginning. However you may notice as your system strengthens that you don’t need the treatments as frequently. The problem with allergic rhinitis is like you said, there is no season, and if you are constantly in contact with the irritant you may still feel it but the symptoms shouldn’t be as strong as before. For some, acupuncture would be an adjunct along with other medication or remedies. From my experience after time, the treatments drop down to monthly sessions to help maintain with some periods of weekly sessions every now and then when needed. Sometimes Chinese herbal medicine may also be prescribed, in lieu of acupuncture or along with the sessions.

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