Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fighting Flu and Cold the Natural Way with Homemade Remedies

Its the Achoo! season now. Not so much due to allergy, but more of the cold and flu season. Personally, I would drink loads of water, eat light, rest more, take raw honey (if there is a sore throat) and see a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) doctor if it does not get better after about 3 days. As much as I can, I will take the natural route in healing, both for myself and my family.

There are also DIY homemade natural remedies for cold and flu shared by many online. Some common ingredients used include elderberry, ginger, cayenne, essential oil, apple cider vinegar, honey etc. Other than raw honey, we also use these:

1. Essential oil (in particularly Lavender and Eucalyptus - the former is known to be antiviral and the latter aids in breathing)

2. Sambucol  (made from Elderberry. This is taken mainly by my boy, who simply loves it!)

3. Apple Cider Vinegar (I've been taking this + raw honey daily, read here)

Of all the recipes for homemade cold and flu remedies, I am most interested in making the elderberry syrup, because it is just so expensive to buy from retailers. Let me know if you have tried any of the recipes below and if they worked for you. Enjoy the DIY! :)

Here's a compilation of 10 websites with amazing recipes for homemade cold and flu remedies:

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