Monday, 31 March 2014

Allergy Poem

Carol, who blogs at Light Words, suffers from allergies and wrote this allergy poem. She has kindly permitted my posting of her poem here. Check out her full blog post here. Enjoy!

Allergies A Seasonal Sport



 allergy season came often and 

 always too soon. 

 It began with 

 sniffles and snorts 

 trumpets and sneezes


 keeping kleenex up her sleev-es 

 became a serious sport. 

 We could hear my mother’s trumpet,  

volley and report 

 clear cross the street 

 and around the corner at the volley ball court. 

 That’s a sound I can’t forget

 for now I have joined team  

extreem sneezers!

by Carol Carlisle

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