Monday, 26 May 2014

7 Tips for Protecting Your Eyes During the Hay Fever Season

During the hay fever season, other than your nose wrecking havoc with the constant sneezing and mucus dripping, your eyes are likely another part of your body that gets affected. Itchy. Watery. Red.

What can you do about it? Here are 7 tips to protect your eyes during the hay fever season:

  • Wear wrap around sunglasses to protect the eyes from pollen in the air. 
Besides, you look more cool wearing them than having to squint your eyes in the bright sunshine. :)

  • Rinse your eyes regularly to get rid of pollen.

  • Wash your hands regularly to ensure they are pollen free.

  • Avoid touching your eyes and rubbing them is a big NO-NO. 
Admittedly I know this can be quite challenging especially with your eyes itching. But rubbing them really does nothing for you other than easing the itch momentarily, only to have it feel itchier awhile later. Rubbing the eyes may also cause redness in them. You already look like a reindeer with the red nose from the constant wiping of mucus, you don't need the red eyes to match with it!

  • Refrain from wearing your contact lenses when you are suffering from the allergic symptoms. 
I feel more discomfort in my eyes when I wear my lenses during my allergic rhinitis flare up and it will usually end up looking red. Spectacles is the way to go. Comfort first, glamour second. I'm a pretty practical person :)

  • For ladies, avoid heavy make-up around the eyes area. If possible, go make-up free around the eyes area when your hay fever symptoms appear. 
The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, your watery eyes will smudge your eye make-up and you end up looking like a panda. Secondly, some eye make-up contain fragrance, alcohol or other ingredients that may possibly irritate your eyes further. Again, I go with the principle of comfort first, glamour second.

  • To minimize coming into contact with pollen:
a) Turn on the air con and shut the windows when you are driving.    
b) Keep the doors and windows closed at home.                
c) Change your clothes when coming home from outdoors and take a shower to prevent spreading of pollen within the house.                                                                                                              
d) Avoid gardening work where possible.

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