Friday, 30 May 2014

Living the Life with Allergies (Guest Post- Mike Noblin)

I am very pleased to share with you this Q&A which Mike has gladly participate. Mike is my twitter friend and has been suffering from allergies for a long time. He is an ACE certified personal trainer and you can find him on twitter.  We hope you find this sharing useful!

Q1 Can you give us a background of your allergies?

Mike: I’m mildly allergic to dust, grass, and ragweed, but HIGHLY allergic to tree pollen.  I first started having allergic symptoms in my late teens (I’m 31 now).  As time has gone by, my allergies have gotten progressively worse each year.  I don’t know if global warming is to blame, but it seems that each spring is a little more miserable with higher pollen counts.  My allergies are by far the worst in the spring! I’m from TN so things start blooming (and I start sneezing) in February each year.  February until June is full of itchy, watery eyes, and insane, uncontrollable sneezing fits.

Q2 What medications have you tried (& doesn’t work) and what are you currently taking now?

Mike: I tried Claritin years ago when it first came out and got absolutely NO relief.  Zyrtec has worked decently for me in past years, but this year it’s only providing about 4-6 hours of relief.  I finally switched to Allegra a couple weeks ago and it’s working pretty well (I still start sneezing after about 8-10 hours though L )

Q3 How do allergies affect your life/lifestyle and how do you cope with it?

Mike: I try not to let it affect my lifestyle as much as I can. I love being outside, so usually I’ll just medicate as much as possible and bring lots of tissues J

Q4 How do your family respond to your allergy attack?

Mike: Some give me a hard time about my constant sneezing fits, but it’s all in good fun.  They’re so used to me sneezing all the time now, so it’s part of the background noise. J Luckily my wife is extremely patient and supportive. She even thinks my fits are cute (which is good because they happen often).

Q5 If you could use 3 single words to describe an allergy attack, what would they be?


Q6 Which is the most annoying symptom of your allergies you wish could just disappear?

Mike: Obviously sneezing!!! It’s the most annoying symptom by far.  I feel my nose start to burn, and I try desperately not to let the first sneeze out. I know after the 1st one I’m in for a fit of 20-40 sneezes over the next few minutes.  I’ve had fits as long as one hour with over 200 sneezes.  Needless to say, I’m usually exhausted and laying down after that.  Itchy eyes would be 2nd most annoying, but I get pretty good relief with eye drops.

Q7 Have you tried any alternative healing / natural remedies / supplements for your allergies? If yes, which have you tried and what is your response?

Mike: The only natural remedy I’ve tried is local honey, but unfortunately I didn’t get any results from it.

Q8 If no, which one of these alternative healing / natural remedies / supplements are you most willing to give it a try and why?

Mike: I definitely want to try quercetin!  I’ve heard from you and read on your blog that it can be a great natural anti-histamine. 

Q9 What is the best allergy advice you have ever received?

Mike: The best allergy advice I’ve gotten so far is to stay indoors as much as possible between 6:00AM-10:00AM.  Pollen is usually highest during those hours.  Also, learning to take my antihistamines BEFORE my symptoms arrive (usually February 1st each year).

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