Friday, 26 September 2014

Spiritual Approach To Healing Allergies - Part 1

While reading up on allergies, I came across some articles and testimonials that discussed using spiritual healing for allergies. I was pretty fascinated and dug deeper. The idea of spiritual healing for allergies may seemed odd at first, but after reading more, it actually makes quite a lot of sense. Well, before you think this is all hocus-pocus, I want to add that you can either view this from a religion-spiritual sense OR from a psychological-emotional sense. More of the latter for me though.

Here are some great readings on this topic. Very thought provoking and made me think deeper about the root of allergies...

"Allergies are tied to the quality of our thoughts, the suppression of our feelings, and are produced and perpetuated by the limiting patterns of behaviours created by our attitudes and beliefs.  
The idea that negative thoughts and feelings contribute to ill health is not new. “We are what we think,” said the Buddha. 
Illness is the soul’s way of communicating dissatisfaction. It expresses unconscious feelings and conflicts by way of physical symptoms. It tells us that we are in a relationship or situation that is causing us to compromise who we are."
Extract from, read full article here.

"Allergies are an expression of ‘intolerance’, and though we normally think of this as occurring on a physical level only, this translates to a kind of intolerance in the mental and emotional capacities as well. This is the basis for what happens and is expressed within the body. 
  I mean this in a loving and compassionate way, but people with allergies tend to be very critical of themselves and others, a choice that is not intentionally malicious but comes from previous unresolved trauma and emotional sensitivity.
 If you truly want to heal from your allergies, you will have to take a different stance on the things in life that piss you off.  
Actively changing our mind so that it reflects a gratitude-filled perspective is necessary, and accomplished through meditation and appropriate positive affirmations. Your allergies will never go away until you are able to look out at the world and seek the goodness, not just the crappy parts."
Extract from, read full article here.

"Allergies have their origin in psychological conditions.
 "An allergy usually begins with a traumatic experience that causes a lifestream to develop a fear of a particular substance or condition. If the trauma is strong enough, or if it is reinforced over several embodiments, it will manifest as a physical allergy in the lifestream's next embodiment."
Extract from, read full article here.

I would love to hear your opinion on spiritual healing for allergies. Please share your experience if you have any. More on this topic in Part 2. Stay tuned.

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