Friday, 10 October 2014

Spiritual Approach To Healing Allergies - Part 2

Following up from Part 1, I got my hands on this book Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them by Louise Hay. The author is an internationally known leader in the self-help field. She is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 40 million books sold worldwide. The two books that I have referred to in this post are rated with 4.5/5 stars in Amazon, with many positive reviews from all over the world.

Louise Hay believes that we suffer from diseases because we are at dis-ease with ourselves psychologically and that diseases can be reversed by simply changing mental patterns. Her key message is: "If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." This small reference book explains our physical illnesses via psycho-spiritual or metaphysical light. For each health condition, Louise lists the probable psychological cause(s) and shares the new thought pattern required for healing that condition. For example:

Problem: Allergies
Probable cause: Who are you allergic to? Denying your own power
New Thought Pattern: The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life.

Problem: Hay Fever
Probable cause: Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar. A belief in persecution. Guilt.
New Thought Pattern: I am one with ALL OF LIFE. I am safe at all times.

This is a very easy to read book, but perhaps I should have started reading You Can Heal Your Life first, her bestselling book. That book will probably talk more in depth about how we can go about healing ourselves by changing the way we think. I will try to get my hands on it soon.

As you know, I am all for natural alternative healing of any forms and shapes. Some may find this approach hard to swallow. You either believe it or you don't. But for those who are sick of taking antihistamine pills or those who find that their medicine is no longer effective or simply just want to try a drug-free alternative, I'll say have an open mind and give it a try! Don't underestimate the power of positive affirmation.

Having said that, you are not going to be allergy-free overnight by just thinking about the new thought pattern once, unlike popping a antihistamine pill that will alleviate your symptoms within an hour or two. Our thought patterns are changed gradually overtime. So you got to give it time to work. If you suffer from serious allergies, continue with your medications, but try this on the side. I would suggest reading the entire book to find out exactly how you can go about healing yourself as what I have mentioned here is certainly not sufficient. I recommend you read You Can Heal Your Life first, then Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them.

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