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Spiritual Approach To Healing Allergies - Part 3

This is the last part on Spiritual Approach to Healing Allergies. If you have missed the earlier parts, see part 1 and part 2.

I am still quite new to this healing concept but after reading a fair bit on this area, I believe it does makes sense. But whether one believes in it or is able to take it a step further by practicing it is another matter altogether. The spiritual approach is very "zen". It is very simple, but not easy. It is all about getting back to basics, being in touch with yourself and getting rid of all the complexities that we make our lives out to be. In short, de-clutter your life and love yourself. But in the world that we live in today, it is not easy.

Not easy does not mean it is not achievable. I have gathered some great testimonials from allergic sufferers who have successfully healed themselves of allergies using the spiritual approach. It being their own experience, they can express much better than me, hence I have extracted the essence of their experience here. Do click on the source to read their full experience.

From lipstickmystic.com:
"On the *shamanic path, you approach everything around you as a living, self-aware ecosystem. You view plants, animals, and even minerals as collaborators in this wonderful life you’re experiencing. And also, “That which you resists, persists” is a bit of an axiom here; meaning, work too hard to AVOID something like pollen and you’re setting yourself up for allergies and other bodily reactions. Instead of treating something as the enemy, you want to learn how to bond with it, understand it, and communicate it." 
*Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition that teaches us to focus on our bond with nature and promote the well-being of all creation.

From chattanoogan.com:
"As I prayed, I became more aware of the spiritual nature of God’s creation and of God as the source of all good. So, if God’s creation is all good, what was I reacting to? For me, the cure was as simple as changing how I viewed the various forms of environmental stimuli that were making me uncomfortable. I focused on reacting to the goodness and love coming from these beloved family pets and the beauty all around me."
From thesacredlimp:
"And then it was suggested to me that allergies have a spiritual root, and that root is a spirit of fear. The body, I believe, eventually will agree with and align with the spirit. Fear and anxiety can keep a person “on edge”; expecting the worst, planning for disaster, frequently worrying, not at ease (or at dis-ease). It’s as if the spirit has become hypersensitive to events in life, or to emotions, or to thoughts of the future. And I believe the body eventually will come to reflect this hypersensitive spirit. 
 Hypersensitivity strikes me as a pretty good summary of what has gone wrong in the body that suffers from allergies. The immune system has become “on edge”. It overreacts. Going beyond its natural job of fighting off infection, the immune system starts reacting to allergens, releasing unnecessary chemicals into the body. That’s when the “allergic reactions” start; the itching, the rashes, the sneezing, the cramps, the swelling. 
The body and spirit agree: better safe than sorry; better to expect the worst and react that way."

I was trying to see how I can apply the "God's creation is all good" and focused on reacting to the goodness from err.. dust mites??  While I can understand the goodness from pets and plants (despite their dander and pollen issues), it seemed odd to be able to think of dust mites in a positive way. After thinking for a long time, I came to this conclusion:

1. Dust mites eat dead skin from pets and humans. In a positive way, they help to get rid of our waste from the ecosystem naturally.

2. The American Lung Associations tells us that "Dust mites are not parasites; they don't bite, sting or burrow into our bodies. So dust mites are not bad for us really!

Before I end off, I want to say that this is not an endorsement of any specific religion. I believe regardless of religion and even for free-thinkers, this can be applied and practiced. I hope you have found this series on spiritual approach to healing allergies useful. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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