Hi, I'm Shan. I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis about 20 years ago, aweful long time isn't it? I was using so many tissues that I recall having to bring a BOX of tissue, yup, you read right, its a box, not a packet and putting it right under my table during my school days. On a bad day, I can easily use more than 30 sheets of tissues. Runny and stuffy nose, itchy eyes and headaches that come with it would almost incapacitate me to the extent that the only way I can get some relief and get the sneezing to stop is to lie down on the bed.

I lived with this condition all these years, having its ups and downs. I noticed things started to get worse the last couple of years when I started to work from home. Frequency and severity both got worsed. I would often wake up in the middle of the night to sneeze and then had trouble falling back to sleep with my stuffy nose. The doctor prescribed steroid nasal spray. It was good when I was on it, never been better. But it always returned a few weeks after I stop using it. That aside, the nasal spray contained steriod and being quite a health nut, I knew in my heart this was not a long term solution. I decided to do more.

Last year, I went to the local hospital for allergy skin prick test to determine exactly what I was allergic to. Well actually, it was more of a confirmation as I was pretty sure dust mite is the culprit - whenever I pack my cabinets or come into contact with dusty items, my nose would act up. Sure enough, the test confirmed I was allergic to dust mites and mildly allergic to dogs (the latter is not an issue for me as I don't have dogs as pet at home). Since finding out the allergen source, I took further action and am seeing some positive results.  

So here I am, starting this blog to share my sneezy journey with fellow allergic rhinitis sufferers and I would love to hear from you as well. Please email me at sneezyblues@gmail.com
Best of health!